Staff Chaplains

LCSO Staff Chaplains are volunteers who are Ordained Ministers and have previously served in Law Enforcement, Corrections, or have strong family ties to those who are currently serving in these critical areas of public safety. The Chaplains provide confidential pastoral care and ministry support to all members and families of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. As a visible and available resource to help the members with the stress and repetitive trauma associated with this vocation, the Chaplains provide: Confidential Counseling/Coaching, Marriage and Family Education, PTSD Support, a Safe Place to De-stress, and any other Pastoral Care needed. There is a Chaplain on-call and available 24/7 to serve the members of the Sheriff’s Office Family.

There are currently five Staff Chaplains.     

For inmate needs, please contact Chaplain Steven Davis at (850)694-1061.

Father Gene Strickland

Department of Law Enforcement - Chaplain
Diana Duhart

Department of Law Enforcement - Case Manager
Evangelist Tanesha Williams

Reverend Andy Dawson

Department of Law Enforcement - Chaplain