Inmate Visitation and Rules

The Leon County Detention Facility encourages visitation for incarcerated individuals. We firmly believe that ties to family and friends are extremely important.

In Person Visitation 

The Leon County Detention Facility is now reopening in person visitation. However, there are rules that we need to make you aware of so your visiting privileges are not denied, terminated or suspended. These visits will be conducted in the designated visitation area and will not be monitored or recorded. Attorneys will be allotted 60-minute visits and can block multiple times if needed. 

Detention Visitation Launch Dates

Start date: Monday, February 26, 2024

Visitation times will begin at 0830 hours (8:30 am), with the last visit starting at 1600 hours (4:00 pm), allowing for the visit to end at 1630 hours (4:30 pm) to allow for facility lockdown for shift change. 

To enable individuals needing to visit during the evening due to work schedules, visitation will resume at 1730 hours (5:30 pm), with the last visit starting at 1900 hours (7:00 pm), allowing for the visit to end at 1930 hours (7:30 pm).

Each visitor will be allowed 30 minutes to visit one person per day. Visitors will not be permitted to split visitation times between inmates. 

Visitors must be 16 years old or older and provide valid identification.

Visitors are provided travel time to and from their visitation destination.


The following schedule will run until maintenance is completed in the mezzanine areas where additional railing will be added for safety reasons.

  • Monday, February 26th Pod A
  • Tuesday, February 27th Pod B
  • Wednesday, February 28th Pod C
  • Thursday, February 29th Pod D
  • Friday, March 1st Pod E and Medical
  • Monday, March 4th Pod F1 and F2
  • Tuesday, March 5th Pod G and Pod H
  • Wednesday, March 6th Pod I
  • Thursday, March 7th Pod J
  • Friday, March 8th Pod K
  • Monday, March 11th Pod L
  • Tuesday, March 12th Pod M
  • Wednesday, March 13th Pod N
  • Thursday, March 14th Pod O
  • Friday, March 15th Pod P

**This schedule will restart with Pod A until all updated safety measures are completed.**

Inmates with documented disciplinary sanctions (having received disciplinary confinement time/sentencing) as determined by the Disciplinary board will be restricted from having visitation until they have completed punitive confinement time. 

Special Provisions 

  • Wheelchair assistance will be provided to visitors as needed.
  • Lockers will be provided for those visitors traveling by public transportation. All others will be required to leave all personal items in their vehicle. (Only valid identification and keys will be allowed into the facility). 


Dress Code:

Visitors must be able to clear security (metal detector), as we intended to follow the same practices as the Department of Corrections and other facilities. 


This means visitors are NOT to wear garments which contain metal including underwire bras, or other items e.g. jewelry, hairpins, etc., as they may cause the metal detector to alert, and/or prevent their admission into the facility. When able, metal items should be removed prior to entering the Detention Facility. All items shall be subject to further search. Individuals with medical devices that would prevent clearing the metal detector must provide documentation.


The dress code will be enforced as follows:

-Blouses and dresses must have at least a short sleeve before adding jackets or sweaters.

-No halter tops, spaghetti straps, or tube tops. 

-Skirts and dresses must be to the knee or below.

-No culottes. 

-No shorts above the knees.

-No see-through, braless, form-fitting, or revealing clothing (tights etc.).

-No open-throat to midriff blouses or tops.

-Shoes must be secured appropriately to the visitor’s feet (no flipflops).


Video Visitation 

Video visitations will still be in effect to allow approved friends, family members, attorneys and clergy of an inmate to connect with them using their computer, Securus Video Visitation app, or on-site. 

The front lobby staff will be responsible for approving family and friend visitors. These visits will require an approval with each different detainee that they wish to visit. 

Video visitation units are also installed at the RISE Center to allow for free onsite visits. The children of detainees will be allowed to visit at the RISE Center under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

To register visit

Register and/or log in.
Select the facility of your inmate.
Review the days, available hours and the cost of remote and on-site visits.
Schedule your visit.

What is the Cost of a Remote Video Visit?
Costs are set at $5-95 per visit for a 30 minute online or on-site (RISE Center or Leroy Collins Library) video visit.

How do you know if your Inmate will be available during the time you schedule?
The Securus system knows the times that Leon County Detention Facility inmates are available for remote video visits.
It will not allow you to schedule a visit with your inmate if they are not available or the video visitation kiosk(s) in the jail are booked already.
Once you schedule a visit with your inmate they will be notified of the date and time of the visit.

Important Tips:
Your entire visit is being monitored and recorded. Do not say or do anything that you would not want being replayed in court.
You should schedule your visit, in advance, at a time that works best for you.
For best sound quality, use earbuds or headsets.


The Medical Concern Hotline 850-606-3100 and Mental Health Concern Hotline 850-606-3427 have been created to assist those with concerns for their family members incarcerated in the Detention Facility. If a medical personnel does not answer please leave a message with the name of the inmate, your concern, and your contact information so that they may return your call.