感谢你对利昂县警长办公室感兴趣.  Our 年龄ncy prides itself on finding the most qualified candidates who embody our vision, 使命及核心价值观:

  • 诚实正直
  • 问责制
  • 团队合作
  • 信任与尊重
  • 追求卓越

However, we are not just looking for our next employee; we are looking for a leader.  The concept of family resonates strongly within LCSO’s culture and is embedded in its mission to provide the highest quality services to the citizens of 利县.  Our employees are provided with a competitive compensation and benefits pack年龄 as well as 状态-of-the-art equipment and training, 使他们成为全州和全国任何可比机构羡慕的对象.  A job with our 年龄ncy is not just a career opportunity; it is a commitment from both the 年龄ncy and the employee to work together to achieve excellence and accomplish our mission.


The 利昂县警长办公室 is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.




The LCSO is respected as one of the 状态's most innovative law enforcement and corrections 年龄ncies whose ultimate vision is to strive to be world-class in everything we do. The 利昂县警长办公室 offers sworn career opportunities in various areas such as:

  • 统一的巡逻
  • 刑事调查
  • 犯罪现场
  • 航空
  • 学校的资源
  • 交通执法
  • k9组
  • H.O.S.T. (街道流浪服务队)
  • M.H.U. (精神健康组)
  • 司法服务
  • 拘留

In addition to the many career paths within our 年龄ncy and promotional advancements, 也有机会参加我们的特别小组项目,比如SWAT, 潜水, 危险装置和人质谈判. 


While the primary function of the 治安官办公室 is law enforcement and corrections services, 该机构近三分之一的职位由文职支助人员担任. 这些职位提供支持职位的机会,如文员专员, 分析师, and Administrative Assistants as well as highly specialized career paths like intelligence and forensics. 


The 利昂县警长’s Office welcomes volunteers in both sworn and civilian capacities. The LCSO has an active Reserve Deputy Unit with over 50 active members providing sworn support to our full-time workforce. This provides a great path for newly certified officers to gain experience and segway into a full-time career with our 年龄ncy. Civilian volunteers help supplement our support staff providing a vital role to the functioning of our 年龄ncy. 最后, the LCSO has a competitive well-respected internship program that provides interns either a generalized exposure to our 年龄ncy or a focused experience in a specialized area.



The 利昂县警长’s Office offers a competitive compensation and benefits pack年龄. We commit to ensuring salary and benefits remain competitive with other comparable local and 状态 年龄ncies through an annual market survey and an internal salary analysis. 社会服务主任的补偿包括:

  • 年薪: Starting salaries are based upon market data and vary depending upon the position. 具体信息请参见职位分类和职位公告.
  • 教育补贴: Full-time sworn employees can receive up to $130 per month for advanced degrees and FDLE training.
  • 学费援助: Tuition reimbursement will be paid on a per-credit hour basis based upon the Florida State University tuition rate for bachelor's degree and graduate level courses and Tallahassee 社区 College for associates level courses for three credit hours per semester. 每个日历年的报销限制为9个学分.
  • 特别小组津贴:入选专业团队的全职宣誓员工可获得2美元的奖金,600-$3,900元/年补贴.
  • 设备: All sworn employees and volunteers are issued all necessary 状态-of-the-art equipment including uniforms, 枪支, 带回家车辆和笔记本电脑(如果适用). 


  • 健康保险:所有全职员工都可以选择PPO或HMO计划,最高可达87.由民政事务局局长缴付的补价的5%.
  • 佛罗里达州退休制度: The LCSO is an FRS employer which offers a pension or investment plan option and is portable to any other FRS employer in the 状态 of Florida. 
  • 离开:社科为所有全职雇员提供优厚的假期制度,包括:
    • Annual 离开: Accrual based upon years of service; 97.5 – 195 hours per year; maximum balance 240-500.
    • 病假:97.5 hours per year; no maximum balance.
    • 事假:每年24小时.
  • 人寿保险: The LCSO provides 1 times the annual salary for all full-time employees at no cost to the employee.
  • 其他自愿性福利: The LCSO also offers additional voluntary benefits including deferred compensation plans, Aflac产品, 牙科/视觉保险, 短期/长期残疾, 身份盗窃保护和法律支持产品.

福利手册 国家福利


The 利昂县警长办公室 accepts applications for sworn positions and volunteer opportunities year-round. Applications for civilian positions are only accepted when a position is available and posted with a closing date. 实习申请将根据学期安排接受. 请注意,所有申请必须在线提交. 不接受书面申请

在被任命为利昂县警长办公室的任何职位之前, 申请人必须成功完成招聘过程中的多个步骤. 这些步骤和流程并不适用于所有职位, 但包括但不限于, 测试和面试, 犯罪史, 驾驶记录, 背景调查, 心理评估, 药物的屏幕, 体格检查, 等. The entire process can take between 4-8 weeks depending upon the position and the applicant.