Traffic Report / Complaint / Self-Report Minor Crash

NOTICE: Changes related to COVID-19 safety: In the interest of limiting public contact, the following procedure is available to effectively serve the citizens of Leon County during this unprecedented event for self-reporting a minor crash with no injuries.

Drivers in minor crashes may be able to self-report the incident.

  • Example: Parking lot traffic crashes, rear end crashes where vehicles have impacted with very minor damage no injuries, etc.
  • Drivers of a vehicle involved in a crash resulting in damage to a vehicle or other property which does not require a law enforcement report are eligible to self-report the crash in lieu of a law enforcement officer completing the crash report using the link below.

If you are involved in a crash involving any of the following, law enforcement must submit a crash report. Please stay at the scene of the crash and call 911, as required in section 316.065, Florida Statutes.

  • A crash with injury;
  • A crash with fatality;
  • A hit and run crash;
  • A DUI crash;
  • A crash which requires a wrecker to remove the vehicle;
  • A crash with a commercial motor vehicle

  • The form below is for reporting general, non-emergency complaints (not crashes). The entries submitted below are not checked, or tended to immediately. If you need immediate assistance, please call the Consolidated Dispatch Agency at (850) 606-5800, or for emergencies, call 9-1-1.